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MoccaSweet says:
When you read the word love how does thinking of this word make you feel? Can you answer this question truthfully? Do you become irritated or warm and fuzzy at the thought of this four digit word? "Contagious" is a song I wrote about betrayal of the emotion of LOVE. As a child growing up I would watch all these Disney movies of princesses and knights in shining armor saving a damsel in distress. While viewing a movie theatrical of the emotion love and thinking this same love is in our families. To the contrary, that love was idealistic whereas realistically that love didn't fit in to the life I have lived so far. You have families breaking up leaving children to become adults before their mature time and causing a disarray of circumstances. Young girls believing having a baby would give them the love they think they have lost or wish they had: however they could be loving their selves much more. Or young guys believing having multiple sex partners is trendy like the best "Kicks" or gold chains and jewelry: however they could be finding ways to better themselves for the community. So I ask you all who reads this "Where is the Love?" Is it in big momma's old Bible, is it in your great aunt's prayer book, or is it in YOU? ~~~Mocca
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