Terms of Service

Terms of Service


NO PROFIT is being generated by this site. It is merely a collaboration site by and for third-party users.


By using this site, you agree to the following Terms of Service.

1. You must be 18 years of age or older to view the content posted on this site, as some of it may be inappropriate for minors.

2. You are solely responsible for the content you upload to this collaboration site. You must either own the rights or have the necessary consents from the owners of the content you submit. However, you retain the ownership rights of your own content. Your content is viewable solely by members of this site. Blackbook does not endorse the content uploaded by users and disclaims liability in connection with said content. Blackbook claims immunity from liability to the fullest extent under the law and as provided under the Communications Decency Act for Content.

3. In an attempt to preserve basic morality, most animals with pain receptors and all animals with vertabrae are strictly prohibited (hard crush content). Notable exceptions include most types of fish and most types of crustaceans. Concerning animals with pain receptors, the size of the animal is acceptable or not is WITHIN THE DISCRETION of the administrators, however, as a general rule of thumb, you should not upload content if the animal's length reaches or exceeds the length of the model's foot. This rule works on a three-strike basis.

4. THIS SITE IS DEDICATED SOLELY TO Blackbook CONTENT. While Blackbook content and black people's content is generally accepted here, members should be the underlying theme.

5. You are never allowed to purposefully and explicitly cyberbully another user. In addition, hate speech directed towards a particular group will not be tolerated (examples include, but are not limited to: gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation). This rule works on a three-strike basis.

6. Do not spam the site by reuploading previously uploaded content, or using bots to send rapid and unnecessary requests to the server.

7. You are not allowed to impersonate another human being without their prior permission and such actions will result in a suspension.

8. The site and Terms of Service are subject to change without notification. An update in the Terms of Service means that you still abide to the rules setforth, and that you will delete your account or notify an administrator if you will not comply.


Additional notes:

Blackbook is not responsible for your uploaded content. Blackbook reserves the right to remove it with or without prior notice.

Ensure you follow the laws within your respective states.


Last updated: 21 March 2016


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